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ASUA Notebook: Senate Meeting April 10

The ASUA Freshman Class Council set off party poppers during this week’s ASUA Senate meeting, trying to show that they have the most spirit.

The council gave the first of three presentations at the meeting. Council President Daniel Douglas and Vice President Hannah Sager delivered the presentation.

“As you guys probably know since you’re in the office, [the] Freshman Class Council is the proudest part of the office, but definitely the loudest part of the office, so we thought we’d start this off with a bang,” Douglas said, before both he and Sager set off party poppers.

The council then went over its four pillars — philanthropy, spirit, friendship and outreach — as well as some of its achievements, including a documented 663.5 community service hours and a record high voter turnout in the last election.

Before the end of the presentation, they set off two more party poppers.

The Student Health Advocacy Committee requested a funding of $399.97 for first aid kits in residence halls, which was approved.

Jordan King, vice chairman for the Arizona Students’ Association board of directors and chairman of the internal affairs committee, spoke about the recent passage of House Bill 2169 and the last ASA meeting for the year.

“Myself, and other members of the ASA board decided that we weren’t going to pass anything substantial, as our final meeting we wanted to pass ideas and recommendations to Morgan’s [Sen. Abraham] board and everyone on the board next year,” King said.

Because of the bill passage, ASA can no longer collect student fees.

“The only way ASA can be funded is through fundraising efforts,” King said. “Luckily we have enough money in our reserves so we can operate well for at least the next year.”

King added that even with everything that has happened, ASA appreciates the help and support from ASUA, thanked them, and wished Senators luck as they move on to bigger positions.