ASUA Notebook: Senate Meeting Jan. 22

The ASUA Senate held its first weekly meeting of the semester on Wednesday night and approved funding for a marketing campaign for the Free Financial Aid Workshop.

Senators voted unanimously to approve $175 for the marketing campaign, which will include flyers, mailing lists and ASUA newsletters, according to Zachary Miller the ASUA senator who brought up the proposal. The funding will also cover the free food that will be provided at the workshop.

“[The workshop] was one of my platforms last year,” Miller said, “to create a free workshop for students to go to learn about financial aid … FASFA and learn about tips and tricks.”

The Free Financial Aid Workshop is in its second year and provides services to both high school and college students, Miller said. The next workshop will be held Jan. 29 in the Kiva Room of the Student Union Memorial Center from 6 to 7:30 p.m.

ASUA Executive Vice President Danielle Novelly said she is excited to see all the senators’ platforms come into play for the new semester.

“Last semester was a lot of planning and trying to figure out how they could go about implementing the things they ran upon,” Novelly said, “and this semester will be a lot more implementing.”

Novelly also said several new things for clubs will be coming soon; however, the details have not yet been set.

And she said she’s looking forward to the upcoming elections.

“In general … I am excited to work with whoever is the next person elected [ASUA president],” Novelly said.