ASUA Notebook: Senate Meeting March 26

The final report of the Representation and Club Engagement Task Force was unveiled at the ASUA Senate Wednesday night.

The task force, composed of representatives from the Associated Students of the University of Arizona, the Graduate and Professional Student Council and the Student Bar Association, was brought together with the purpose of identifying problematic areas in ASUA and presenting suggestions on how to move forward with those issues.

“We talked about what our mission was and we realized there were concerns we wanted to address,” said Taylor Ashton, a political science and economics junior and ASUA chief of staff. “We’re pretty proud of the outcome.”

The task force put together a survey online to focus on ASUA representation and club interaction and engagement. A total of 166 students responded to the survey.

“[It was] very diverse representation – all grades, graduate students and various clubs – providing insight into what we’re doing wrong and what we’re doing right,” Ashton said.

After receiving the information, the task force worked on analyzing the data and identified the primary issues.

“We reviewed surveys individually, identified common themes, identified the top five concerns and meet again to figure out our suggestions,” Ashton said.

The five major areas that the task force suggested to improve was OrgSync, ASUA and GPSC collaboration, club recognition and renewal processes, promotion of services and resources and use of social media and marketing.

“What we think we need to do is make the guidelines more defined so that clubs actually know what they’re doing,” Ashton said.
Ashton said he hopes to see more promotion of funding resources.

“We’re pretty proud of the outcome,” Ashton said.

After discussing the results of the RCE task force, the topics at the meeting turned to ways to allocate the remaining $11,000 of ASUA’s budget.

Mary Rose Brennan, a pre-business freshman, and Austin Rogers, a pre-physiology student, requested about $566 from ASUA to fund Discover Your ASUA, a Freshman Class Council event.

The two outreach chairs of FCC are putting on an event on the mall targeting freshmen to better inform them about ASUA and hopefully get more students involved with the organization. They said they will be educating students on three areas of ASUA – the senate, the cabinet and programs and services – and giving out free Eegee’s and pizza.

“It’s a great opportunity for people to get really involved with ASUA, because a lot of people on my hall don’t really know what ASUA is,” Brennan said.

The event is scheduled to take place on April 9 near the Alumni Plaza.

Sen. Dakota Staren also proposed funding summer session scholarships with some of the remaining money.

“We have a lot of money in our budget left,” Staren said, “and what better way to use it than to give it to students.”

Staren proposed offering three scholarships, each amounting to around $1,300, which would cover any three credit class for summer session one or two.

At the end of the meeting, Issac Ortega, ASUA treasurer and president-elect, informed the senate that the money remaining in the budget would not roll over, and said that means there is more incentive to use all of the money.