ASUA presidential candidates hold final debate

On the eve of the ASUA general election, the two presidential candidates engaged in a second debate covering their platforms and issues facing UA students.

Taylor Ashton, Associated Students of the University of Arizona chief of staff, and Issac Ortega, ASUA treasurer, both talked about what they would bring to the ASUA presidency in the debate late Monday night that was hosted on UATV.

Ashton said he had a tangible set of action items he could accomplish if he were to be elected president. He also said that within his first 30 days in office, he hopes to create open and online scheduling for academics.

Ashton also proposed creating an advisory committee comprised of students and organizations representing a wide range of the UA student body to look at where tuition money is going. He said he would include the Daily Wildcat on the advisory committee.

Ortega said he hoped that, during his presidency, ASUA would become more proportionally representative of the student body.

Ortega went on to propose that he would implement a system in which students with disabilities would contribute to a report card on each of the departments on campus on how accessible they are to students with disabilities.

The subject of stable tuition was brought up at the debate with both candidates agreeing that such a model would be good for UA students.

Ortega said that when it comes to tuition, there are costs ASUA can help control, such as on-campus spending.

“Once the money is gone, the battle is kind of lost,” Ortega said, “but we should never stop the fight on being able to control the costs we can.”

Ashton said he was the candidate to elect because he has the dedication to see change through.

“I’ve got the experience, I’ve got the dedication, I’ve got the drive,” Ashton said, “and I know I will do an excellent job in this position if elected.”

Ortega said his struggles growing up and on the road to college have prepared him for this position.

“‘Don’t forget us and the other people you came here with,’” he said. “That was the one promise I made through this thing that I will never forget.”