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The Daily Wildcat publishes Wednesday in print (find recent back issues here) during the fall and spring semesters, and weekly during summer break as the Arizona Summer Wildcat. Fall/Spring circulation is 7,000 copies. is the publication's 24/7 news and information source.

The student employees of the Daily Wildcat strive to provide the primary source of information for, by and about the University of Arizona community, contributing to campus life by providing a voice for students while providing a real-world learning environment for student journalists, photographers, designers, illustrators, accountants, advertising sales representatives and marketing professionals.

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Newsroom Executive Board

Editor-in-Chief — Sam Burdette

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Managing Editor — Pascal Albright

storyideas |at|

News Editor — Priya Jandu

news |at|

Science Editor — Amit Syal

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Enterprise Editor — Jake Toole

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Sports Editor — Jacob Mennuti

Assistant Sports Editor — Ari Koslow

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Arts & Life Editor — Mikayla Kaber

Assistant Arts & Life Editor — Ella McCarville

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Opinions Editor — Kayleigh Cook

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Photo Editor — Elijah Bia

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Copy Chief — JT Thorpe

Assistant Copy Chief — Grant Forgues

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Writing Mentor — Amber Soland

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Newsroom Staff

News Reporters

Kristijan Barnjak

Jillian Bartsch

Maggie Rockwell

Ian Tisdale

Science Reporters

Vivek Aking

Jillian Bartsch

Quinn McVeigh

Alexandra Pere

Enterprise Reporter

Quinn McVeigh

Sports Reporters

Ari Koslow

Johnnie Mitchell

Hailey King

Jake Faigus

Mackenzie Payton

Arts & Life Reporters

Katie Beauford

Amaris Encinas

Sunday Holland

Elvia Verdugo

Diana Ramos

Opinions Columnists

Kayleigh Cooke

Pavas Gupta

Eva Halvax

Rhaya Truman


Desiree Guerrero

Copy Editors

Shahira Bibars

Grant Forgues

JT Thorpe

Advertising and Administrative Contacts

Director of Student Media — Brett Fera

(520) 621-3408   bfera |at|

Display Advertising

(520) 621-1686   ads |at|

Classified Advertising

(520) 621-3425   classifieds |at|

Newsroom FAX Number

(520) 626-8303

Advertising FAX Number

(520) 621-3094