*POLICY* *REMOVAL OF CONTENT FROM ONLINE ARCHIVES* Arizona Daily Wildcat 615 N. Park Ave, Tucson AZ 85719
The Arizona Daily Wildcat strives to report the truth as accurately as possible. Online archives are part of the newspaper and a historical record of the university community. The Daily Wildcat does not remove content from its online archives. This includes stories, photos, columns, editorials and letters to the editor. The Daily Wildcat also has no control over an item's ranking in commercial search engines like Google. Updates or corrections may be added to online content if the material is factually inaccurate or otherwise flawed. If such an error in archived content is brought to the editor in chief's attention and documented to his/her satisfaction, the Daily Wildcat will append an editor's note to the original acknowledging an update or correction. This is fully at the discretion of the Wildcat's editor in chief and e-board. *To make a complaint that the archived material is flawed, contact the editor in chief with the following information:* * Name, telephone number and e-mail address * The URL address of the content in question * An explanation of why the material is inaccurate or why it should otherwise be altered * Reasonable proof of an inaccuracy or change; i.e., if criminal charges have been dropped, you must provide the documentation Requests will be reviewed by the editor in chief or his/her designee, and decisions should be guided by this policy and the tenets established codes of ethics. Where necessary, the editor should seek counsel from the Wildcat adviser and/or from attorneys.