Interested in working for the Arizona Daily Wildcat, KAMP Student Radio or UATV-3?

Arizona Student Media engages nearly 200 paid and volunteer students in meaningful real-world experiences in journalism, media, design and business that complement coursework and provide students with intensive leadership roles. The student-run Arizona Daily Wildcat, KAMP Student Radio and UATV-3 provide a vibrant living media lab for students to learn, innovate and impact — not only the campus & local communities but their own lives and careers in whatever field they choose. 

The Daily Wildcat

The Daily Wildcat offers a variety of opportunities for students to practice journalism in a professional work environment. Roles include reporting and editing to accounting, graphic design and advertising support/marketing. We typically begin hiring at the start of each semester and often a second time halfway through each semester.


The Daily Wildcat and employ more than 100 reporters, photographers, copy editors and visual designers (among other positions) during the school year, and a couple dozen during the summer. Though prior journalism experience is not an official requirement, applicants for all positions will be expected to submit an application and samples of their work. Contact the Editor-in-Chief at for more details and information on how to apply.


The Daily Wildcat just opened the spring 2023 application on Jan. 11. You can click the link below to get to this general staff application or email the address just mentioned above. 


NOTE: There are separate applications for the photo/multimedia journalist positions, copy editor positions, and illustrator positions. Links to these applications can be found WITHIN the description of the general staff application linked above.

Why should I work at the Wildcat?

The Daily Wildcat is the university’s only student-run, editorially independent newspaper. We publish content online 24/7 and in print monthly.

Working at the Wildcat will give you a significant advantage over average students in the job market, beyond adding a few new lines to your resume. Wildcat staff gain hands-on journalism experience, improve their writing and interviewing skills, build connections in the university community and journalism world and learn how to design a print product.

In their post-Wildcat careers, alums have worked for a variety of high-profile organizations — from NBC Sports to the Associated Press — and have covered everything from the Olympics to the White House.

How do I know if I’m qualified for the position?

Previous journalism experience is not required; however, you must have strong writing abilities and quickly adopt the Daily Wildcat’s style in your writing.

Business and Operations

The Daily Wildcat and Arizona Student Media may also offer a number of non-newsroom opportunities for students. If interested in any of the below student positions, email for more details and information on how to apply.

  • Advertising Support/Marketing | These positions include a number of duties, including: working with advertising clients on the building of their next ad campaign; managing client social media outreach; helping market the Daily Wildcat to the greater in-person and digital UA campus population; tackling billing and payment inquiries; other marketing and business development duties. 
  • Graphic Designers |  Designers create advertising and other marketing materials for the Daily Wildcat. They must be proficient in software design programs and have some design experience. 


UATV 3 is the officially-recognized television and video broadcast arm of Arizona Student Media, at the University of Arizona. To inquire about open positions or apply, contact  the general manager at

KAMP Student Radio

The University of Arizona's only student-run, free format radio station, broadcasting online 24/7 at To inquire about open positions or apply, contact  the general manager at

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