!/media/00/00/00/06/677_logoo.png! Here's this week's "*Wildcast*":http://uatv.arizona.edu/ Update!

"*UATV*":http://uatv.arizona.edu/ is the University of Arizona’s student-run television station, broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to over 5,000 students in the residence halls on channel 3. Programming consists of a live feed from mtvU and two very own student produced shows: "*Wildcast*":http://uatv.arizona.edu/ and "*Dorm Room Sports Chat*":http://dailywildcat.com/page/uatv_sports. "*Wildcast*":http://uatv.arizona.edu/ is the University of Arizona's only weekly news magazine show produced entirely by UA students. "*Wildcast*":http://uatv.arizona.edu/ introduces the university community to various events and activities on and around campus. This upbeat magazine show brings the best of the University of Arizona experience to you. Created to inform, educate and entertain, "*Wildcast*":"http://uatv.arizona.edu/ is the show for you!

"*The Dorm Room Sports Chat*":http://uatv.arizona.edu/category/video-tags/dorm-room-sport-chat discusses everything you want to know about University of Arizona sports. Each week, the host and panelists give their insight and opinions on the latest in sports and welcome a guest for an on-air interview. The panelists hold nothing back in this animated yet highly informative show! Click here to view The Dorm Room Sports Chat