Why am I seeing advertising at DailyWildcat.com, its social media channels, or email newsletters?

Arizona Student Media is designed to be entirely self funded. That means no direct tuition dollars, no state funding. Here's how.

The Daily Wildcat, first established on the University of Arizona's Tucson campus in 1899, operates as part of Arizona Student Media.

You reached this page most likely because you're seeing advertising on one of the Daily Wildcat's digital ventures. 

This advertising MAY include traditional "display" ads, or "sponsored content" (stories clearly labeled as paid content, but produced in collaboration between the Wildcat and our advertising partners.

Arizona Student Media is a financially self-supporting auxiliary, operating as part of the lineage of the university's Office of the Provost. Arizona Student Media is funded not by tuition dollars or state funding. It's funding mechanism is a combination of "Student Media Fee" contributions from UA students and revenue from advertising and other services provided by the Daily Wildcat student newspaper, website and other digital outlets, along with UATV-3 (student television) and KAMP Student Radio.

Have a concern, or interested in a copy of the Wildcat's "advertising acceptability policy"? Email the editor in chief at editor@dailywildcat.com.

Other advertising or business related questions can be directed to Brett Fera, director of Arizona Student Media, at bfera@arizona.edu.