Vaishalini: An R&B star in the making

If you listen to some early works of successful artists such as Billie Eilish or Stevie Wonder, despite it perhaps being much different from their later works, you can still recognize why they gained such huge success in the first place. It is that star power, a glow that radiates from them and never fades. One can recognize this same star power when meeting with Vaishalini Sitaraman, also known as her stage name, Vaishalini.  Read more

Business owners reflect on cancellation of Fourth Avenue's Winter Street Fair

 As the annual winter event brings in nearly 400,000 guests each year, the street fair would not be meeting the necessary protocol guidelines instituted by the Pima County Health Department according to the Historic Fourth Avenue website.  This was disappointing news for not only the many guests who attend, but for the artists, vendors, sponsors and local merchants who depend greatly on this event to boost their businesses.  Read more

Election 2020: Your guide to 2020 Ballot Propositions

Arizonans across the state will go to the polls this November for the 2020 General Election. Along with the political candidates that citizens will elect, voters will also have the opportunity to vote on several propositions to become law. Here’s a guide to major propositions that Pima County residents will be asked to vote on.  Read more

Election 2020: Is Arizona finally going blue?

Traditionally, Arizona has had great consistency in being red: the red rocks, the red sunsets, and being a red state. Rooted in it’s Western heritage, Arizonans tend to consider their individual liberties and ideas of small government to be of great importance to them.  If you’ve lived in Arizona for a long time, you don’t think twice when you see something like supermarket shoppers and movie theater goers wearing firearms. As the 2020 elections draw closer, it is becoming increasingly clear that Arizona’s long perceived stance as a red, or Republican, state could shift to change the entire election. Read more