Suns introduce Ayton, new era

For the Suns, losers of the most famous coin flip in NBA history, the organization finally landed its Big Man. In Ayton, the Suns received an instant upgrade to a front court that last season saw soon-to-be 36-year-old Tyson Chandler as its steadiest producer.   Read more

Commentary: How will Deandre Ayton stack up against other big-men taken No. 1?

The pressure of being the number one selection is something that a couple just simply cannot handle. If you succeed, you were supposed to, and the expectations rise for the next season. And if you fail, everyone will remember you for years to come, and use you as an example like i did above as to why drafting big men first overall isn't the sure thing many think it to be.  Read more

Deandre Ayton inks historic Puma endorsement deal

 Puma has been irrelevant in the American basketball landscape over the last two decades, but building the re-brand around Jay-Z, Ayton and Bagley will certainly turn some heads. Bagley's deal is said to be one of the richest for a rookie since Kevin Durant. Ayton figures to be in the same neighborhood.  Read more