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Monuments to the confederacy stand in Arizona

 People all over the world have been marching, protesting, and petitioning for change in the wake of the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and many other innocent Black Americans who were killed by law enforcement officers. This shift in political priorities has also brought with it a wave of support for removing Confederate monuments all across the United States. Despite a small role in the Civil War and less than a year in the Confederacy, Arizona has a handful of Confederate monuments and its own conversation about whether or not they need to be removed.  Read more

Mount Lemmon residents work to support firefighters

 In the last month Arizona became a new hot spot for COVID-19 while facing the Bighorn fire in the Santa Catalina mountains caused by a lightning strike. Mount Lemmon, the highest point of the Santa Catalina mountains, was considered as an escape for people who live in Tucson before the fire. Read more

Black Voices of Tucson Episode 2.3: March 4 Justice Tucson

In this installment of Black Voices of Tucson, March 4 Justice Tucson founders spoke with Daily Wildcat editors on the Black Lives Matter protests, sparked by the police killing of George Floyd, a Black man, in Minneapolis, and discussed what is still left to be done in fighting for justice for Black people in the U.S.  Read more

Q&A with mental health activist Marlise Karlin

Whether it’s COVID-19, injustice, financial instability or something else in the long list of issues people face today, the mental health of many people is in poor shape. As therapy and other forms of help transition online, mental health activist Marlise Karlin, the mind behind the SOS Method app, designed the virtual program to help people find calm in stressful times.  Read more

UA student takes all in quiz bowl

Long time quiz bowl aficionado, Samuel Rombro, was named Arizona’s top scorer on June 19, 2020 in Buzzword, the national online quiz competition created by the National Academic Quiz Tournaments as an alternative way to safely compete amidst COVID-19, according to the NAQT. Read more