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UA alumni form popular music trio SZN and release EP

With their shared interests of music and art, University of Arizona alumni Sanaan Mohamed, Nathanie Ngu and Zach Cohan were destined to meet eventually. In 2018, they did — and now, two and a half years later, the trio has released their debut EP under the name SZN. Read more

Tucson food trucks overcome challenges during the pandemic

Last year marked a new beginning for up-and-coming business owners in the food industry. The pandemic has caused many food services to shut down along with all the grief and setbacks. A few new mobile food services like these three Tucson food truck businesses were finding ways to work in the food industry despite the difficulties.  Read more

ART IS ACTIVISM: Documenting history with local artist Robbie Lee Harris

The decay of a work’s relevancy is a common fear amongst modern-day creatives. After all, it’s the buzz that fuels longevity, at least in the popular sense. Our third and final artist of the mini-series, however, hopes that his work is left as a blip in our socio-political timeline. Robbie Lee Harris said  that his “[U]ltimate goal is that we get to a place where my mural doesn’t make sense.”   Read more