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Staying safe at night: A short guide

 Late nights can turn into early mornings, and students may be less observant and careful as they make their way to and from events. Night safety can be crucial on a college campus and many resources are provided to create a safe time out.  The University of Arizona campus offers many resources to keep you safe, but there are also some simple steps you can take to increase your safety at night. Read more

UA COVID-19 Test Tracker

Daily (9/17)
1,335 23 1.7%
Total (8/2)
22,564 434 1.9%
Includes tests since August 2, 2021
Data from
Updated September 18, 2021

Around the Corner: Origins of the Scented Leaf

Located in the heart of University Boulevard, the Scented Leaf Tea House & Lounge has kept the tea flowing for students since July 2012. The Scented Leaf, which will be having its eight year anniversary in July, is owned by Shane and Adrienne Barela. Read more

The ‘best kept secret’ of the School of Theatre, Film and Television

On YouTube, Darious Britt is known as D4Darious, an educational “lifestyle channel for filmmaking, only without the hands on,” in his own words. In the film community, he is the filmmaker, writer, director of and an actor in the award-winning “Unsound” and countless other short films. At the University of Arizona, he is the assistant coordinator at the Media Arts Production Laboratory of the School of Theatre, Film & Television, his alma mater. “I’ve described [Britt] as ‘the best kept secret in the School of Theatre, Film & Television,’” said Dan Brock, Britt’s coworker at the laboratory. “And that’s about to change as he’s going more public.” Read more

‘Teen Revolution’: The evolution of Rough Draft

We’re all rough drafts of our true selves, always young and always learning — this is the concept behind Rough Draft’s new EP, released on Jan. 19. Despite “Walmart Parking Lot Lovemaking Soundtrack, Vol. 2” being Rough Draft’s second full release, some of the songs featured on the EP were the first ones they wrote. This release was more of a nostalgia project, lead vocalist James Noriega said. Read more

Q&A: Molly Gebrian celebrates viola centennial

This Sunday at 7 p.m. in Holsclaw Hall, two Fred Fox School of Music faculty, Molly Gebrian on viola and Nino Bakradze on piano, will perform “A 1919 Centennial Celebration.”  The event flyer details the objects of celebration — three influential viola pieces, all composed in 1919. The Daily Wildcat spoke with Gebrian, a new assistant professor at the Fred Fox School of Music and the viola soloist spearheading the event, about the instrument’s significance and what show attendees can expect. Read more

Incarcerated artists find hope in creating an art exhibit

A mother stood by her son’s artwork with a beaming smile as a phone camera flashed while other visitors gazed at pieces of art intently. Artwork descriptions and artist profiles read as letters of encouragement, love, admiration, hope and, above all, resilience. The University of Arizona Museum of Art opened its newest exhibit “Hobby Craft" on Jan. 17, which will remain on display until March 29. The art was created and curated by inmates currently incarcerated in the Arizona State Prison Complex, and its themes radiated resilience.  Read more

Around the Corner: Desert Dream Ice Cream brings East Coast flavors to Fourth Avenue

Melding the old with the new, Desert Dream Ice Cream is still the new kid on Fourth Avenue, but they are bringing a new taste to an old business. Just around the corner, on the corner of Fourth Avenue and Ninth Street, Desert Dream Ice Cream has been satisfying Fourth Avenue shoppers’ since Nov. 2018. Not long after the shop's first anniversary on the avenue, it seems to be faring well. Desert Dream Ice Cream became Fourth Avenue’s resident ice creamery when the business moved into the old location of Isabella’s Ice Cream. Desert Dream Ice Cream is currently owned and operated by 22-year-old Zech Bergeron. Read more

"1917": A technical and emotional marvel

As the news and the trailers poured in, "1917" immediately became one of my most anticipated movies of the last year. Though I didn’t get to see it in 2019 (thank you, Dec. 25 limited release), I still consider it a 2019 movie. And it might just be the best of the year. Read more

Desert Song Festival celebrates the American voice

Music will soon echo throughout the desert when the eighth annual Tucson Desert Song Festival commences on Jan. 15, lasting until Feb. 16. This year’s festival theme is “Celebrating the American Voice.” It will feature prominent artists, composers, professors and students showcasing music at various venues across Tucson. Read more

Around the Corner: 4th Avenue Deli reopens with new ownership

After a hard year on Fourth Avenue, the 4th Avenue Delicatessen has undergone a change in ownership. Austin Counts, who brought the 4th Avenue Deli to life six and a half years ago,  announced his plans to close the restaurant on Dec. 15, 2019. Good news shortly followed in the announcement that his long-time employee Kylie Myers had bought the shop and planned to keep the space as is. Read more