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Waves in the desert

The stage was dimly lit at Illegal Pete's on the night of Tuesday, March 26, when a group of performers took the stage to perform an assortment of hip-hop and rap. The group was the Engraves Collective, and that was their first show.  Read more

UAMA to hold Celebration of Life for Dennis L. Jones

The University of Arizona will be commemorating the life and accomplishments of artist and administrator Dennis L. Jones, who died Feb. 8, 2019, on Monday, April 8. Jones contributed much to art, culture and education at the university and in the world. Read more

‘Railed Out Art Show’ benefits horse rescue

Outside of western paintings hanging in grandparents’ houses, art and horses are not an obvious pair. But art students from the University of Arizona are making the two worlds collide with the “Railed Out Art Show”, a student-led, local gallery for the benefit of Wild Horse Ranch Rescue. Read more

Local film festival showcases unique perspectives of Mexico

A documentary filmmaker records his matriarch grandmother, who reveals many secrets about their family. An indigenous girl defies any notion of how class should hold her and her mother down as domestic servants. A wealthy wife tries to maintain her composure and status while the economy crashes around her in 1982 Mexico. Stories like these will be shown in theaters in Tucson this week.  Read more

UA student rocks Club Congress

Some new bands strive for money and fame; however, Anastasia Lopez, a University of Arizona student studying Spanish, and the rest of Tonight’s Sunshine say they are using their musical talents to give back.  Read more

The 131ers are paying their dues on the road

Kaleb Davies of the indie rock band The 131ers took a break between shows in Seattle to talk to the Daily Wildcat about the tour behind their album, “Nothing’s As It Should Be.” That road isn’t always paved in gold, but The 131ers do find the occasional nugget on their journey across America Read more

Green Degree Guide spotlights sustainability

The University of Arizona has been looking to lead in environmental initiatives for nearly a decade — this was why the Institute of the Environment was founded in the first place: as a communal space for environmental researchers to come together to find solutions to environmental challenges and to interact with communities so they can make the best-informed decisions and teach students to do the same. Read more