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Q&A with UA student and A24 intern Pablo Perez

While the availability of internships in many industries have decreased, Pablo Perez, a University of Arizona School of Film and Television senior, has been employed in a coveted place at the popular independent entertainment company A24. The Daily Wildcat sat down with Perez to talk about his experience, a new A24 documentary relevant to the upcoming election, the hallmarks of good script writing and more.  Read more

Campus Closet is back

The student-run, non-profit service Campus Closet — which provides professional or business clothing to University of Arizona students, faculty and staff — is prepared to open back up on campus.  Read more

Students’ uneasy mindsets during COVID-19

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, universities haven’t looked the same. As the current fall semester approached, Dr. Robert C. Robbins, president of the University of Arizona, allowed students to return to campus assuring them that it would be safe for them to come back. Read more

What experts say about mental health during times of social and political tension

With an upcoming presidential election in November, social unrest resulting from acts of police brutality and violence, animosity within COVID-19 debates and decision-making and much more, it is clear to many: Things are tense.  In a politically divided America, tension has always existed, but at this point in time, many are becoming overwhelmed to the point of crisis fatigue, depression, anxiety and high-stress related mental health issues.  Read more