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Dogs, denim and daring to learn

Fashion minor students at the University of Arizona are learning the tricks of the trade as they host and plan a Dogs N’ Denim Fashion Show. While these students are learning what it really means to work in fashion, they’re doing it all in a sustainable manner and for a charitable cause. The second annual Dogs N’ Denim Fashion Show is on Dec. 5 at 5 p.m. on the UA Mall.  The students have been working the majority of the semester on designing capes for the dogs using donated, upcycled materials, as well as planning the entirety of the event themselves. Read more

Vegan foodies unite at Tucson Vegan Food Festival

Last Sunday, Tucson locals attended the 3rd annual VegOut! Tucson Vegan Food Festival to celebrate everything vegan. According to their website, VegOut! is a celebration of veganism, local businesses, and locally sourced food that serves as an educational experience for all who attend. Read more

Don't sleep on "Doctor Sleep"

“Doctor Sleep,” based on the best selling novel by Stephen King, re-enters us into the universe of the widely celebrated horror, “The Shining.”  Taking place years after the events of its predecessor, “Doctor Sleep” follows Danny Torrance (Ewan McGregor) after he meets a young girl who has similar abilities to his. He now must protect her from a cult called The True Knot, who look to prey on children who shine as they search for immortality. Read more

Welsh opera teaches women's suffrage

 Almost 100 years ago, the constitution’s 19th amendment was passed, allowing women across the United States to vote. Today, women at the University of Arizona and are voting, creating, teaching and breaking glass ceilings every day by being active citizens of their community. Read more

Locals discover new sounds on Dusk Discovery Stage

Large crowds clad in neon and glitter flocked to the Dusk Music Festival to see their favorite artists headline on the main stage — but how did local artists fare on this year’s additional third stage? Although the 2019 Dusk Music Festival DJ Competition and the Battle of the Bands competition decided which lucky artists got to perform on the main stage, the festival also saw a total of 19 different local artists on the third stage over the two-day festival weekend. Called the Discovery Stage, the new stage gave local artists a platform to share their music with thousands of people. Read more

2019 Awards Season

Rejoice! It’s finally awards season. That means the speculation of what movies will get what nominations starts all over again. Read more

“The Lighthouse” shines bright

When I first started seeing the promotional material for “The Lighthouse,” my first thoughts was that there was no way would I ever go see that movie. So, for me to actually go see this was somewhat of a step out of my comfort zone, and boy did it pay off.  Starring Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe, “The Lighthouse” follows two stranded lighthouse workers in 1890s New England as they slowly start to become more and more hallucinatory and, well, insane.  What makes it so unique is the fact that it’s shot in 35 mm black and white, and it’s aspect ratio is that of a square, to represent the old fashioned silent films.  Read more

SlutWalk supports transgender women, women of color

SlutWalk aims to reclaim and redefine what being a “slut” means and put an end to victim blaming in cases of sexual assault in the Southwest. Reclaiming that term in honor of transgender women and women of color is of major importance. The 2019 SlutWalk, which will begin on Nov. 13 at the University of Arizona Women’s Plaza of Honor, expressed this purpose with the slogan: “The radical notion that no one deserves to be raped.” Read more

New restaurant brings El Salvador to Tucson

Bright blue chairs fill the restaurant and various pictures that depict villages cover the walls. An El Salvador flag proudly hangs on the wall with smaller versions found on every table. Greeted by the owner Luis Gonzalez, you could order a dish Leonardo DiCaprio claimed is better than tacos.  Starting out as a food truck that only attended local farmers markets and festivals, Selena’s Salvadorian has moved its business into a brick and mortar restaurant that gives Tucson a taste of El Salvador. Read more

Oddities Market brings out the weirder side of Tucson

Tucson residents, get ready for a market of all things macabre and strange. The first oddities market of its kind is coming to Tucson on Nov. 15-17. Sponsored by When + Where Co. Market Space, the Tucson Oddities Market will feature vendors selling unusual items with a bit of art, natural science and history.  Read more

'Art of Planetary Science' paints the universe

The wonders of the universe are mostly hidden from us, but with the help of scientists and artists alike, we can see what the worlds outside of our own really look like.On the weekend of Nov. 15-17, the University of Arizona’s Lunar & Planetary Laboratory is presenting the sixth annual Art of Planetary Science, an art exhibition that aims to celebrate the “beauty and elegance” of the universe beyond our reach. Read more

"Arte de la Frontera" reception hosted in Tucson

Bridging the gap between separated sister cities that share one culture, “Arte de la Frontera” held its reception at Studio ONE: A Space for Art and Activism on Friday, Nov. 8.  Over 20 artists from both sides of the Nogales border participated in the exhibition under the Ambos Nogales Border Art Project, or ANBAP, to bring to light the events surrounding the U.S. and Mexico border.   Read more

Local DJs dare to dream at Dusk DJ competition

With the Dusk Music Festival right around the corner, festival organizers have scanned the city for local artists — specifically local DJs. The Dusk Music Festival DJ Competition was held on Thursday, Oct. 24 at Gentle Ben’s Brewing Co. on University Boulevard. The competition began on Sept. 16, calling all DJs to apply for a spot to open for the performers during the festival. For 14 days, potential openers submitted music mixes of their own creation, hoping to earn a spot. Read more