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Arizona is opening back up. Here's how UA students are reacting

Across Arizona, bars and restaurants do not have to require guests to wear masks and, with that, crowds are becoming more frequent. As quickly as social gatherings are resuming, vaccines are becoming more accessible. Sitting down with several University of Arizona students, some fully vaccinated and others only on their first dose, revealed how news of these updates is being taken.   Read more

UA COVID-19 Test Tracker

Daily (4/13)
1,119 6 0.5%
Total (8/4)
248,253 4,275 1.7%
Includes tests since August 4, 2020
Data from
Updated April 13, 2021

Students plans for the fast approaching Winter Break

 The fall 2020 semester at the University of Arizona was vastly different than those in the past. With classes being predominantly virtual and many events having been held remotely, student experiences across campus varied in many ways. The same variety can be said for the upcoming winter recess.   Read more

What 2020 has taught us

Looking back on this year, it is undeniable that people now are living through historical moments that will be recognized generation after generation. During 2020, major events such as the outbreak of COVID-19 and the months of confusion and quarantine that surrounded it have greatly affected the people and life all across the globe. University of Arizona students look back now, reflecting on the impact 2020 had on their lives.   Read more

Vaishalini: An R&B star in the making

If you listen to some early works of successful artists such as Billie Eilish or Stevie Wonder, despite it perhaps being much different from their later works, you can still recognize why they gained such huge success in the first place. It is that star power, a glow that radiates from them and never fades. One can recognize this same star power when meeting with Vaishalini Sitaraman, also known as her stage name, Vaishalini.  Read more

How more time at home has sparked new interests for UA students

When spending more time at home, students may feel the pressures of becoming isolated from the world around them and detached from their usual lifestyles. In order to combat these rising frustrations, students have been looking for new and adaptive ways to keep themselves busy during the extra time they are now presented with. This has led to the inspiration of a variety of new hobbies and interests for some University of Arizona students.  Read more

Around the Corner: The birth of Hurricane Records

Hurricane Records is a well-known record store located along Historic Fourth Avenue in Tucson, Arizona. This shop is owned by Tucson local, Rich Hopkins and is recognized for its new and used vinyl records, CDs, turntables, speakers, compact amps, vintage receivers and more.   Read more

Students help students at the We Protect Us Weekend

The We Protect Us Weekend, an event put on for the Campus Pantry in collaboration with the Coalition of Black Students and Allies and the Queers United Coalition, transpired this past weekend and brought with it a message of unity and the power of students in the University of Arizona community. Read more