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The past century of race, riot and protest in the United States: A brief timeline

One hundred years before the Black Lives Matter movement, diverse communities across the U.S. stood up in solidarity against social injustice like police brutality. Black Americans battled police brutality through the power of protests, riots and social uprisings.  According to Tyina Steptoe, a University of Arizona Department of History associate professor who specializes in race, gender and culture at the UA, the language used to describe these events can indicate biases. Read more

The Chicago Music Store, serving the community for 101 years

A historic building in Downtown Tucson — whose empty windows span nearly a block of empty storefronts — still boldly prenets its bright yellow lettering to Congress street. This vacant space held the oldest music store in the city. However, just around the corner the Chicago Music Store’s downtown location now lies in a much smaller storefront. The Chicago Music Store is a local staple that, according to its website, has been around since 1919, celebrating 101 years of existence. Read more

Ellervator Pitch inspires business students

At the University of Arizona, the phrase "elevator pitch" has a double meaning. Ellervator Pitch is a music business club here at the UA that "bridges the gap between Eller and the music industry," according to the club's Facebook page. Read more

Waltz into something new with Wildcat Dancesport

Wildcat Dancesport has been waltzing around as the official ballroom dance club at the University of Arizona for over 20 years and serves as one of the university's most unique way of making friends, according to club president Brenna Hall. The club held its most recent showcase on Feb. 1, where dancers got the chance to show off their skills to everyone in attendance and hoped to gain some more attention from students who may want to join. “Ballroom is inherently a social dance; you have to dance with other people,” Hall said. “You get a chance to meet a lot of different, fun people who are all interested in the same thing.”  Read more

The Gentlemen Exceeds Expectations

Guy Ritchie is back after his 2019 remake of the beloved “Aladdin” saw critics and audiences divided with a 57% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes. However, audiences showed their love with a 94% audience score. “The Gentlemen” is a much different film from “Aladdin,” but would it fare the same?   Read more

Origins of the Scented Leaf

Located in the heart of University Boulevard, the Scented Leaf Tea House & Lounge has kept the tea flowing for students since July 2012. The Scented Leaf, which will be having its eight year anniversary in July, is owned by Shane and Adrienne Barela. Read more

The ‘best kept secret’ of the School of Theatre, Film and Television

On YouTube, Darious Britt is known as D4Darious, an educational “lifestyle channel for filmmaking, only without the hands on,” in his own words. In the film community, he is the filmmaker, writer, director of and an actor in the award-winning “Unsound” and countless other short films. At the University of Arizona, he is the assistant coordinator at the Media Arts Production Laboratory of the School of Theatre, Film & Television, his alma mater. “I’ve described [Britt] as ‘the best kept secret in the School of Theatre, Film & Television,’” said Dan Brock, Britt’s coworker at the laboratory. “And that’s about to change as he’s going more public.” Read more

‘Teen Revolution’: The evolution of Rough Draft

We’re all rough drafts of our true selves, always young and always learning — this is the concept behind Rough Draft’s new EP, released on Jan. 19. Despite “Walmart Parking Lot Lovemaking Soundtrack, Vol. 2” being Rough Draft’s second full release, some of the songs featured on the EP were the first ones they wrote. This release was more of a nostalgia project, lead vocalist James Noriega said. Read more

Q&A: Molly Gebrian celebrates viola centennial

This Sunday at 7 p.m. in Holsclaw Hall, two Fred Fox School of Music faculty, Molly Gebrian on viola and Nino Bakradze on piano, will perform “A 1919 Centennial Celebration.”  The event flyer details the objects of celebration — three influential viola pieces, all composed in 1919. The Daily Wildcat spoke with Gebrian, a new assistant professor at the Fred Fox School of Music and the viola soloist spearheading the event, about the instrument’s significance and what show attendees can expect. Read more