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The past century of race, riot and protest in the United States: A brief timeline

One hundred years before the Black Lives Matter movement, diverse communities across the U.S. stood up in solidarity against social injustice like police brutality. Black Americans battled police brutality through the power of protests, riots and social uprisings.  According to Tyina Steptoe, a University of Arizona Department of History associate professor who specializes in race, gender and culture at the UA, the language used to describe these events can indicate biases. Read more

Festival of Books showcases literacy in Tucson

Amazon recently ranked Tucson as No. 7 in it’s top 20 most well-read cities in America, which is no surprise here. The Tucson community celebrates its love for literature every year at the Festival of Books, held on the UA Mall. Read more

A Closer Look Book Club creates discussion

A Closer Look Book Club is a project of docents within the UA Poetry Center. This club looks to challenge their members and choose titles that will create discussions that leave the group and follow members into their daily lives. Read more

UA students and professor weigh in on movie adaptions of books

Some people may argue when a novel is made into a film it loses its original interpretation to something more relevant to the director or current societal norms. Other people argue that to make the film captivate various audiences it needs to be able to stand alone as its own creative work. Read more

March is for Arizona archaeology and heritage

March 1 signaled the beginning of Arizona Archaeology and Heritage Awareness Month (AAHAM). Organized events ranging from archaeological demonstrations to backcountry tours of heritage sites are available for public participation during all of March throughout Arizona. Some activities require an RSPV and will have limited availability. Read more

Five shows to binge-watch over Spring Break

If a crazy spring break trip isn’t in your future and you’re stuck in Tucson for the week, don’t worry. Grab a cup of coffee (or three) and settle in for the best binge-watch of your life. Here are five shows you can spend days watching and forget who you are by the end of it. Read more