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Dogs, denim and daring to learn

Fashion minor students at the University of Arizona are learning the tricks of the trade as they host and plan a Dogs N’ Denim Fashion Show. While these students are learning what it really means to work in fashion, they’re doing it all in a sustainable manner and for a charitable cause. The second annual Dogs N’ Denim Fashion Show is on Dec. 5 at 5 p.m. on the UA Mall.  The students have been working the majority of the semester on designing capes for the dogs using donated, upcycled materials, as well as planning the entirety of the event themselves. Read more

Let's talk about (bad) sex

We’ve all been there—you’re dating someone new and start hooking up, but those late-night activities aren’t exactly the way you thought they’d be. Conversation never dries up and you’re so into the way he looks in that button down or how she walks around in those sundresses, but for some reason, the sex just isn’t as great as you imagined. This realization is beyond upsetting, but walking away certainly shouldn’t be the first solution. Read more

5 places to brunch near UA

Brunch. That odd time between breakfast and lunch that has you pondering a variety of questions such as, "What shall I eat?" and "Do I want breakfast or lunch?"  Read more

What's new to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime this December

As the winter weather settles in and the stress of finals makes its way to the surface, many students will find themselves on the verge of a mental breakdown. Luckily, we have streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime to help us try and relax. Read more