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Treat yourself to college freebies

There’s plenty of perks in being a student. While in college, young people get to experience new things, find what their passions are, make friends and earn that important piece of paper: a diploma. Finding the money to attend college is not always easy for many students. At UA, the cost of tuition for 2016-2017 incoming students with full-time enrollment is $11,800 for in-state residents and $35,000 for out-of-state students. That is not including books, living arrangements and highly necessary caffeinated beverages. Read more

Restaurants on Fourth Avenue talk about what makes a meal memorable

The perfect dining experience can be hard to find. Between the food, the service and the atmosphere of the restaurant, a multitude of aspects have to come together to make a restaurant experience stand out. Several UA community members weighed in on what exactly makes a trip to a restaurant memorable and worth repeating. Staff members from several restaurants on Fourth Avenue also shared what they think makes their respective restaurants an experience for customers. Read more

Retro technology makes a comeback

The hipsters of the 2000s no longer have domain over the coolness of retro technology; the regular use of record players, polaroid cameras and old gaming consoles, among many other antiquated technologies, has made its way into the mainstream. But with a society so set on finding the next best gadgets and software, where does this popular resurgence in old technology come from? Read more

Feminism in art

Tucson is known for a wide variety of reasons: its college basketball, its hiking trails and its great weather and now more than ever women’s progression.  Read more

Local artists to release albums Friday

Start off the semester with some new music from a few of Tucson’s local bands. On Jan.13 at The Flycatcher, there will be a 21-and-over album release show featuring The Desert Beats, Lydian Osman and Golden Boots. Read more

Pō é tree appreciates nature

The UA Poetry Center and the UA Campus Arboretum have partnered together for the Po é tree series, a collection of poetry discussions that take place outside Herring Hall under the trees on the arboretum. Read more