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Arts & Life

Check out these sales in Main Gate Square

It seems like everywhere you turn on University Boulevard another clothing store is having a sale. From the sale racks out front to the clearance section in the back, sales are one way to get college students into the store where they might even buy a full-price item or two along with their thrifty purchases. Read more

Students explore Objectivism with STRIVE club

Founded on Aug. 24, 2015, UA’s chapter of STRIVE is dedicated to helping UA students “develop into young people with a clear, first-handed purpose in their own lives,” according to the club’s Facebook page. The club’s website said they focus on helping students hone their leadership skills, develop a sense of meaning and help their writing get published. Read more

Who’s laughing: UA Comedy Corner takes on College Improv Tournament Nationals

On Monday and Wednesday nights in the Harvill building, you may overhear a group of a dozen or so people screaming and clapping between bouts of laughter. Passerbys might mistakenly assume these UA students are participating in an unpaid study focused on the psychological and hallucinogenic effects of potatoes. This spunky troupe, however, is practicing improvisational comedy. Read more

Krav Maga mixes self defense with fun

Krav Maga is a close-combat martial art utilized by the Isreal Defense Forces that focuses on responding to threats and neutralizing dangerous situations. The art originates from Israel and is influenced by a smorgasbord of other disciplines; notably boxing, aikido, wrestling, judo and KAPAP. Read more

Rock The Campus Tour starts off at the UA mall

The Rock the Campus Tour kicked off on the UA main stage on the mall at noon Feb. 6. This four day tour started at the University of Arizona, then makes its way to ASU, University of California-Irvine and ends at Cal State-Long Beach. The tour, which benefits the 100 Club of Arizona and California, features Society Falls, Divided Minds and Static Friction. Read more

What's new this February to Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime

At this point, the semester has officially begun to settle in, and you may consider this a positive or a negative thing. It could mean you have finally figured out your schedule and have adjusted nicely to your new classes, or it could mean that you have wanted to consistently bang your head against a wall at the sheer mention of the word "school." Either way, you can always rely on man’s best friend to help make the days just a little better. Not dogs, but Netflix. Read more