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Artist Andrew Kosten speaks to UA printmaking community

Printmaking artist Andrew Kosten displayed his work at the University of Arizona’s School of Art this week from Feb. 27 to Mar. 3 as the visiting artist invited by the Wildcat Print Association. During his time here, he has been working with printmaking students on prints he brought and teaching them more about what it is to work in an art form generally misunderstood in today’s modern world. Read more

Rialto to host Planned Parenthood benefit

Drag queens, jugglers, choir singers, clowns, mimes and more will be featured at “The Very Big Show of (Support!).” This event is far more than a variety show featuring eclectic Tucson performers, it also supports an increasingly relevant social cause.  Read more

Build benches not borders

President Donald Trump’s proposed wall will undoubtedly divide American and Mexican communities that are split along the borderlands. However, a separate nation that has spanned this border for centuries prior to its creation is imminently under attack. Read more

Movies from 1992 turn 25 this year

1992 was 25 years ago already. George H. W. Bush was president, and the Internet was still a far cry away from what it is today. However, 1992 produced a remarkable set of films. Do the titles “Basic Instinct,” “Aladdin” or “My Cousin Vinny” ring a bell? Take this opportunity to read along to refresh your memory, or discover new films to add to your collection. Read more

Aquaponics grows in Tucson with EcoGro

EcoGro is an aquaponics supply store and exotic plant nursery located at 657 W. Saint Mary’s Road. The store’s owner, Brendan Woltman, opened shop in April 2012 after quitting his accounting job in Flagstaff and moving to Tucson. Since then, he has provided a farming alternative to the community. Read more

Constant Con keeps Comic-Con spirit alive all year

Although not everyone may realize it, Tucson has a lot of creative talent. For example, if you happen to take to take a stroll down Sixth Avenue downtown, you might come across Constant Con, the place where it’s Comic-Con year-round, a prime example of the artistic creativity that makes Tucson tick. Read more

Ease into Spring Break by checking out what’s new on Netflix in March

As the weather outside finally starts to warm up and the month of March slowly begins to settle in, us college students can finally look toward the future and realize that spring break is almost here. Some of us may have terrifically exciting plans for this much needed week-long break from school, but for those who don’t, that’s OK too. Read more

Travel the world at UA's 2017 Peace Corps Fair

The Peace Corps is bringing the world to the Student Union Memorial Center North Ballroom this Tuesday, Feb. 28 from 2 to 6 p.m. for the 2017 Peace Corps Fair. According to their mission statement, the Peace Corps endeavor to accomplish three goals in order to promote world peace and friendship and with this fair, they are working towards the third: “to help promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of Americans.” Read more

Rodeo offers fans an exciting final giddy up

With clear blue skies, warm sunshine and a steady temperature of about 67 degrees, La Fiesta De Los Vaqueros, more commonly known as the Tucson Rodeo, started off this Saturday with a more successful start than last weekend when only die-heart rodeo fans were brave enough to stick it out through the rain. Read more