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Arizona State Museum to host Benefit Book Sale

Books will be all around the University of Arizona this March. This is because the Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society are in support of the Arizona State Museum organizing the Benefit Book Sale, which allows the community to buy cheap books. Read more

Ofelia Zepeda and her contribution to the literacy world

Author, poet and seasoned professor Ofelia Zepeda will be featured in the Tucson Festival of Books for her innovative preservation of Tohono O’odham language and culture through education and poetry. Zepeda, co-founder of the American Indian Language Development Institute, is a renowned contributor to the study, education, preservation and poetry of her native language of O'odham. She received her graduate degree in linguistics at the University of Arizona and teaches undergraduate linguistics and the O’odham language here today.  Read more

Authors to look out for, despite cancellation of festival

When Norma Elia Cantú was a child, poems leapt from her imaginative mind, inspired by the folklore tales her grandmother used to tell her. Today, she is an award-winning author, the president of the American Folklore Society and a professor of folklore, creative writing and Latinx culture at Trinity University in San Antonio.   Read more

Three student showcases to support this spring

The students of the University of Arizona School of Art have been working hard to sharpen their skills and grow as artists. With only several weeks left in the semester, these artists are beginning to exhibit their work in a variety of galleries and showcases. Read more

Five things every student should have in their bag

As a student at the University of Arizona, you should never leave for class without your backpack. Some may think that what you pack in your bag is pretty self-explanatory, but there are some things that are extremely crucial to have for class and the day in general. Read more

Eight on-campus lectures you should attend this March

There are nearly 20 lectures taking place on the University of Arizona campus this March. Found on the UANews Calendar, the lectures feature presenters from a variety of fields, ages and identities and cover a wide breadth of topics. This article highlights just a few lectures available concerning social issues, art, science, politics, health and anthropology. Read more

Two architects, two journeys, one connection: Judith Chafee

Co-authors Christopher Domin, an associate professor of architecture at the University of Arizona, and Kathryn McGuire, a Tucson architect, recently published a book titled "Powerhouse: The Life and Work of Judith Chafee." The two will be presenting authors together at the upcoming Tucson Festival of Books. Read more

Instant connections through themed dorm communities

There are plenty of ways for students to make new friends across campus, from participating in Greek Life to joining clubs or intramural sports teams. One of the lesser known methods available at the University of Arizona are themed dorm communities where like-minded people can connect during the first year of school. University dorms contain different theme options. For instance, Yavapai Residence Hall is home to the Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Scholars Community, and Manzanita-Mohave Residence Hall houses the Arts District Theme Community. Read more