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5 places to brunch near UA

Brunch. That odd time between breakfast and lunch that has you pondering a variety of questions such as, "What shall I eat?" and "Do I want breakfast or lunch?"  Read more

What's new to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime this December

As the winter weather settles in and the stress of finals makes its way to the surface, many students will find themselves on the verge of a mental breakdown. Luckily, we have streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime to help us try and relax. Read more

Spice up your life with these Tucson salsa brands

Tucson's farmers markets, as well as specialty supermarkets, pride themselves on the variety of local products they carry. But few local products represent Tucson and the Southwest more than the myriad of salsas created right here in the Old Puebla. Here are a few samples of Tucson's salsas. Read more

Students should take advantage of Tucson's many farmers markets where the food is affordable, local and always in season

Student life can be extremely demanding, and picking up a pizza at your favorite local spot can be an easy, quick fix to weeknight hunger.  Unfortunately, though, eating take-out every night seriously hurts your health and, not to mention, your wallet. More often than not, produce at the grocery store has traveled across seas and sat in storage for more time than we’d like to imagine. Read more