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Arts & Life

Pom Line dances Wildcats to victory

Performing in front of thousands of people can cause one to feel anxious, sweaty, nauseous or all three. The University of Arizona Pom Line does it every week, and the pressure is even higher as the squad gears up to dance at the biggest event of the year: Homecoming. The Arizona Pom Line is a part of the Pride of Arizona Marching Band and exists to promote school spirit and community outreach, according to their website. However, when representing a D1 school, the dancing itself is just the beginning.  Read more

UA alum takes Daily Wildcat experience to the TV screen

From health writing at the Daily Wildcat to behind-the-scenes work on The Dr. Oz Show, Akshay Syal is making the University of Arizona proud. Syal once studied physiology at the UA and wrote as a health reporter for the news desk at the Daily Wildcat and the experience, he said, was influential in his work in the medical field and on The Dr. Oz Show. Read more

The Huss Family in Wildcat Country

As the first university in the state, the University of Arizona has educated many generations — some entire families have been Wildcats. For the Huss family, the phrase “Wildcat for life” has taken on a whole new meaning. To them, being a Wildcat is a bond. Read more

Arizona Insect Festival buzzin' with bees and more

Did you know that there are more species of native bees living in Tucson than any other place in the world? That fun fact was just one of the hundreds shared at the ninth annual Arizona Insect Festival, which took place at the University of Arizona’s Environmental and Natural Resources 2 Building on Oct. 20. Read more

Women's Hackathon promoting community through computers

 Some people spend their weekends watching Netflix, but these women spent the weekend coding their way to the top at the fifth annual University of Arizona’s Women’s Hackathon. The Hackathon, a non-competitive sprint project-building and technology workshop event, hosted women computer programmers and other software developers of all ages and skill levels. Read more

Hang with the guys and ghouls at the Owls Club

Tucson is brimming with old structures rumored to be haunted, from Hotel Congress to the Fox Theatre, but the Owls Club is where both alcoholic and ghostly spirits collide. Just around the corner, in historic Armory Park, the Owls Club is a western-inspired bar brimming with spirits of all kinds: historic, alcoholic and — depending on what you believe — supernatural. Read more

Q&A with Piranha: More to drag than racing

In partnership with the University of Arizona Institute for LGBT Studies,  Piranha created a free workshop titled “Drag as Therapy” that will take place on Oct. 26 from 10 a.m. to noon at the Global Justice Center. However, the workshop will stay open until 5 p.m. to allow participants to continue working on their projects.  Read more