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Local business owner accentuates southwestern culture in gift shop

On Ninth Street, just around the corner from Fourth Avenue, Latin music will lead you through the alley gate and into a large white building known as Chulas. Chulas opened in December 2019 and is owned by Tucson native Marisol Flores-Aguirre. It is a curated gift shop, meaning that everything in the shop is hand-picked by Flores-Aguirre.  Flores-Aguirre said she was inspired by her appreciation of Mexican culture and her love for Tucson and that although Tucson has a great business scene, she felt that there was something missing.  Read more

Artists showcase their unique visions at the "On Our Own Time" art exhibit

Artists from vastly different backgrounds showcased their unique and individual visions of the art for the finale of the 10th annual “On Our Own Time” art exhibit, which ran Feb. 3- 15. University of Arizona employees and their immediate gathered at Biosciences Research Lab lobby to celebrate the last night of the exhibit.  The show, which is funded by the National Arts Program, offered the participants the opportunity to compete for cash prizes and other awards. Artists were judged and awarded prizes based on their artist categories such as amateur, intermediate, professional, youth or teen. Read more

Local band fundraises for bush fire-affected Australian First Nations

As usual most days, a crowd of people populated Hotel Congress on Saturday, Feb. 8, 2020. This show was not just a concert, however, but a benefit show to raise money for the Australian charity Fire Relief Fund for First Nations Communities, in light of the bush fires still raging in Australia. "The places these communities live are extremely affected by the fires," said Mahmood Gladney, a member of the band Rough Draft featured at the concert. "And these are communities that already suffer a lot of systemic problems." Along with Rough Draft, the lineup included Separate Ways, Dismorphic, Hikikomori, Summerhead, Carnival and the Australia-based band Death Bells. Read more

Eegee’s co-founder starts fresh with new restaurant

Despite previous success, Eegee’s co-founder and restaurateur Ed Irving has decided to start fresh in the food service industry.  Irving’s new restaurant, Slice and Ice, located on Grant Road, sells pizza, fries sandwhiches and some originals and no-longer-used Eegee’s recipes. Read more

The Chicago Music Store, serving the community for 101 years

A historic building in Downtown Tucson — whose empty windows span nearly a block of empty storefronts — still boldly prenets its bright yellow lettering to Congress street. This vacant space held the oldest music store in the city. However, just around the corner the Chicago Music Store’s downtown location now lies in a much smaller storefront. The Chicago Music Store is a local staple that, according to its website, has been around since 1919, celebrating 101 years of existence. Read more

Ellervator Pitch inspires business students

At the University of Arizona, the phrase "elevator pitch" has a double meaning. Ellervator Pitch is a music business club here at the UA that "bridges the gap between Eller and the music industry," according to the club's Facebook page. Read more

Waltz into something new with Wildcat Dancesport

Wildcat Dancesport has been waltzing around as the official ballroom dance club at the University of Arizona for over 20 years and serves as one of the university's most unique way of making friends, according to club president Brenna Hall. The club held its most recent showcase on Feb. 1, where dancers got the chance to show off their skills to everyone in attendance and hoped to gain some more attention from students who may want to join. “Ballroom is inherently a social dance; you have to dance with other people,” Hall said. “You get a chance to meet a lot of different, fun people who are all interested in the same thing.”  Read more

The Gentlemen Exceeds Expectations

Guy Ritchie is back after his 2019 remake of the beloved “Aladdin” saw critics and audiences divided with a 57% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes. However, audiences showed their love with a 94% audience score. “The Gentlemen” is a much different film from “Aladdin,” but would it fare the same?   Read more