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Arizona is opening back up. Here's how UA students are reacting

Across Arizona, bars and restaurants do not have to require guests to wear masks and, with that, crowds are becoming more frequent. As quickly as social gatherings are resuming, vaccines are becoming more accessible. Sitting down with several University of Arizona students, some fully vaccinated and others only on their first dose, revealed how news of these updates is being taken.   Read more

UA COVID-19 Test Tracker

Daily (4/13)
1,119 6 0.5%
Total (8/4)
248,253 4,275 1.7%
Includes tests since August 4, 2020
Data from
Updated April 13, 2021

An editor’s timeline of COVID-19

Thucydides attempted to record a history of the plague of Athens and, in fewer words and with more reputable sources, I attempt to do that here. I started a journal in my isolation. Read more

Grace Faerber is the College of Humanities outstanding senior

Grace Faerber is this year’s outstanding senior in the College of Humanities. It is no surprise considering all of her achievements in her three years spent at the UA. Faerber is an honors student double majoring in East Asian studies and global studies and minoring in pre-law. She has been speaking and studying Mandarin since she was in the fifth grade.  Read more

Science fiction of the plague and why we need it

In the past month, there has been a resurgence in the consumption of plague stories and apocalyptic fiction. Pandemic films like “Contagion” and Netflix’s “Outbreak” have risen to particular prominence according to Business Insider, as well as Emily St. John Mandel’s novel “Station Eleven.” Being older works, the revival of these stories during the time of COVID-19 begs the question of why people turn to such stories now. What can these stories teach us? Read more

Outstanding senior Savarese accepted into teaching assistant position for her musical passion

The Fred Fox School of Music 2020 outstanding senior was chosen not just for her talent, for for her passion, said assistant professor of music Theodore Buchholz. Maria Savarese, hailing from Gilbert, Arizona, is graduating in the coming days with a Bachelors of Music degree in cello performance (with a high-brow GPA of 3.93), under the guidance of Buchholz, but cello is just her base instrument. Savarese plays about 10 different kinds of instruments, but has played cello for 13 years. Read more

Students share thoughts on commencement amidst pandemic

The University of Arizona's graduation ceremony was canceled on March 20 after President C. Robbins shut down campus events in wake of COVID-19. One of the most memorable moments for a college student was taken away, so how are seniors feeling? How are they dealing with the situation? Read more

UA undergraduate research symposium goes virtual

From April 15-24, the School of Theatre, Film and Television reinvented its 8th Undergraduate Research Symposium in a new online format. This year the live, conference-style event that showcases research papers by Bachelors of Arts and Bachelors of Fine Arts students went virtual. Read more

Students spark Club Penguin resurgence during COVID-19

In the era of online classrooms and shelter at home orders, University of Arizona students are having to adjust to having nearly no in-person interaction with their friends and peers. For one group of Wildcats, the best way they’ve found to spend time together has been playing together in the online multiplayer world of Club Penguin.  Read more

Tucson restaurants feed the community through tough times

Arizona is approaching three weeks of stay at home orders, implemented by Governor Doug Ducey on March 31. Though the orders given by Ducey and Tucson Mayor Regina Romero three weeks ago certainly projected trouble for "non-essential businesses," and some local restaurants have shifted to focus on giving back to the community in these troubling times. Read more