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The past century of race, riot and protest in the United States: A brief timeline

One hundred years before the Black Lives Matter movement, diverse communities across the U.S. stood up in solidarity against social injustice like police brutality. Black Americans battled police brutality through the power of protests, riots and social uprisings.  According to Tyina Steptoe, a University of Arizona Department of History associate professor who specializes in race, gender and culture at the UA, the language used to describe these events can indicate biases. Read more

Pride 2020: A month of legislation, protest and social distancing

This year, Pride month went a little bit different than many may have expected. Because of COVID-19, the usual parades, concerts and festivals that celebrate LGBTQ+ identity and liberation were shut down. However, just because people did not take to the streets to celebrate doesn’t mean there hasn't been developments in the fight for LGBTQ+ rights. Here are six strides and setbacks in the fight for LGBTQ+ rights that you might’ve missed this past month:   Read more

Two salon owners' views on running businesses during a pandemic

The new normal amidst the COVID-19 pandemic for hair salons and barbershops in Tucson may not be as far away as many might think. The number of COVID-19 cases in Arizona is 74,533 cases as of today, June 30, according to Arizona Department of Health Services website. Hair salons, barber shops, cosmetology, nail and aesthetic salons, tanning salons, tattoo parlors, spas and massage therapist services have been in operation since May 8.  Read more

UA club gives students direct exposure to Israeli startup culture

Despite Israel’s recognition as a religious and cultural hub, it is also recognized by many as the Startup Nation in response to its ever growing entrepreneurial spirit. At the University of Arizona, a professional development club called UA Tamid involves students with the entrepreneurial atmosphere of Israel through connecting them to Israeli startups.   Read more

Muralists take a stance on Black Lives Matter

Tucson is a mural town. Impressive paintings grace the sides of buildings, decorate downtown and are staples of both the city and Tucsonans’ Instagram feeds. In the fast few weeks, however, a few new murals have appeared around town. These pieces, which are the result of a collaborative art project organized by Tucson muralist Joe Pagac, all come with a strong and clear message: Black lives matter. Read more

Around the Corner: ATL Wings continues to spice up Tucson

In one year, Black-owned restaurant ATL Wings has become a staple in Tucson with its crispy and flavorful wings, top-notch customer service and determination to give back to the community. Co-owners Velveia Evans and Ralph Bankhead brought the Chandler-based franchise to Tucson in February 2019, when they opened up ATL Wings at a vintage service station on the corner of Fourth Avenue and University Boulevard.   Read more

OPINION: Supreme x Leigh Bowery to end homophobia (Oh, and sexism)

The "predatory guy in an Anti Social Social Club shirt and Comme De Garçons Converse" trope is exhausted yet somewhat deserved. Streetwear’s overriding sexist and homophobic male audience has always been apparent, thriving not only in forums and comment sections but also college campuses much like ours.  As explained by Beth Gibbs, co-owner and creative director of UNION Los Angeles, the term “streetwear” was “created by men [in] an attempt to categorize a multi-faceted, multicultural movement that inspired a different approach to apparel.”  Although this definition technically includes varying groups of people, many brands that capitalize on this sort of fashion are cishet-male-dominated. But, with the development of contemporary designs paired with its inherently androgynous aesthetic, wouldn’t the community be more openly accepting and defy gender norms? Read more

UA students helping the community through donation drives and 3D printed face masks

 With the COVID-19 outbreak and Arizona becoming one of the hot spots for COVID-19 in the United States, students at the University of Arizona have joined forces to support communities most affected by COVID-19. A group of UA students stood out with their community service by making face shields in addition to donation drives. Robert Owens a graduate student in the Human Rights Practice Program, is the leader of this project. Read more

Q&A with Lori Wiest, new director of the UA Fred Fox School of Music

From her childhood years into adulthood, Lori Wiest has been surrounded by music. Now, she has been appointed the new director of the University of Arizona’s Fred Fox School of Music starting on July 1. Part of Wiest's personal music education occurred at the UA. Thirty years ago, Wiest received her doctorate in choral conducting from the UA. In addition, Wiest also has a master's degree in choral music from Arizona State University and a bachelor's in music education and piano performance from North Dakota State University. Read more