Medicare for who, me?

The year of perfect vision, balance and, most importantly, the presidential elections is here: 2020. Every four years, American citizens must make an informed decision that will affect the next four, possibly eight, years of their lives. This year, certain policies are bound to catch the eyes of certain people for a lot of different reasons. Medicare for All, for example, is a bill that has been brought up by different presidential candidates, including current senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. But what exactly is it and what does it entail? Read more

First Friday Shorts gives chance to student filmmakers

Along with its monthly Rocky Horror Picture Show series and cult classics screenings, First Friday Shorts are a favorite among both filmmakers and film-lovers. Regarded as “the most fun you can have in Tucson with your clothes on" by the event goers, the event is a competitive, interactive event ruled by two entities: the audience and a gong.  Read more

Arizona baseball drops first game of season against Minnesota

 The University of Arizona’s baseball team fell 2-5 against Minnesota Monday afternoon. It was the Wildcats' first loss of the season after sweeping Albany in their opening series of the season this past weekend. Here is a look at a few key numbers that came from this neutral site game that was played up in Tempe.   Read more

UA Debate Series to host Presidents' Day debate

Since its inception almost two years ago, the UA Debate Series has tackled a variety of relevant issues, including college tuition, immigration and Title IX. Its next event, topical for Presidents' Day, is a debate between the top presidential forerunners for the upcoming 2020 elections, with the exception of Andrew Yang, who recently announced he was dropping out of contention. Read more