The Gentlemen Exceeds Expectations

Guy Ritchie is back after his 2019 remake of the beloved “Aladdin” saw critics and audiences divided with a 57% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes. However, audiences showed their love with a 94% audience score. “The Gentlemen” is a much different film from “Aladdin,” but would it fare the same?   Read more

Origins of the Scented Leaf

Located in the heart of University Boulevard, the Scented Leaf Tea House & Lounge has kept the tea flowing for students since July 2012. The Scented Leaf, which will be having its eight year anniversary in July, is owned by Shane and Adrienne Barela. Read more

The Honors Village creates a social and wealth divide at UA

As of right now there is an abundance of new apartment structures that can be used by any student at UA. Usually the results of construction that occur on campus can be used by almost anyone, but when it comes to the Honors Village, that is a luxury that can only be accessed by certain students. Read more

Perfectionism and sleep: Young people, please go to bed

According to Abraham Maslow, a psychologist from the mid-20th century who created the well-known hierarchy of need, sleep is one of mankind’s basic needs and is on the same level as food, water and shelter — three things widely recognized as necessary for human survival. With the history of sleep being so positive, given that sleep is scientifically proven to be necessary, it is surprising that sleep has slowly twisted into something for humankind to escape.  Read more

Study looks into the way vertebrates communicate

On Jan. 17, University of Arizona professor Dr. John J. Wiens, along with a visiting scientist from China, Dr. Zhuo Chen, published a study titled “The origins of acoustic communication in vertebrates” that found that species who are active at night have utilized acoustic communication over a stable timeline. Read more

The ‘best kept secret’ of the School of Theatre, Film and Television

On YouTube, Darious Britt is known as D4Darious, an educational “lifestyle channel for filmmaking, only without the hands on,” in his own words. In the film community, he is the filmmaker, writer, director of and an actor in the award-winning “Unsound” and countless other short films. At the University of Arizona, he is the assistant coordinator at the Media Arts Production Laboratory of the School of Theatre, Film & Television, his alma mater. “I’ve described [Britt] as ‘the best kept secret in the School of Theatre, Film & Television,’” said Dan Brock, Britt’s coworker at the laboratory. “And that’s about to change as he’s going more public.” Read more