‘Teen Revolution’: The evolution of Rough Draft

We’re all rough drafts of our true selves, always young and always learning — this is the concept behind Rough Draft’s new EP, released on Jan. 19. Despite “Walmart Parking Lot Lovemaking Soundtrack, Vol. 2” being Rough Draft’s second full release, some of the songs featured on the EP were the first ones they wrote. This release was more of a nostalgia project, lead vocalist James Noriega said. Read more

Q&A: Molly Gebrian celebrates viola centennial

This Sunday at 7 p.m. in Holsclaw Hall, two Fred Fox School of Music faculty, Molly Gebrian on viola and Nino Bakradze on piano, will perform “A 1919 Centennial Celebration.”  The event flyer details the objects of celebration — three influential viola pieces, all composed in 1919. The Daily Wildcat spoke with Gebrian, a new assistant professor at the Fred Fox School of Music and the viola soloist spearheading the event, about the instrument’s significance and what show attendees can expect. Read more

Arizona Wildcats embark ITA Kickoff Weekend

It is ITA Kickoff Weekend and the Arizona men’s tennis team is heading to Fort Worth, Texas to take on Notre Dame  on Saturday, Jan. 25 at 11 a.m.  The winner from these matches will go on to play the winner between Texas Christian University and FAU in what should be strong competition all across the board based on the most recent ITA team rankings putting TCU at No. 8.  Read more

UA BookStores co-brand with Operation Hat Trick to support veterans and wounded service members

Students have likely noticed the mannequins in the University of Arizona BookStores decked out in camouflage and an “OHT” logo. OHT stands for Operation Hat Trick, a nonprofit organization founded by Dot Sheehan in 2008. According to their website, Sheehan noticed that veterans returning from deployment wanted hats to cover their scars, burns and surgical incisions that resulted from their severe head trauma. OHT originally donated hats to service members and veterans, but the program has evolved. Now, it fundraises for the rehabilitation of military veterans and wounded service members. Read more