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Campus reentry update: Administration will 'allow' students to finish out semester at home after Thanksgiving break

The University of Arizona announced students would be able to complete the fall semester from home after Thanksgiving break. The update comes from the UA's coronavirus page, which states, "After much discussion, deliberation, and review of peer University plans, we have made the decision to allow our students to continue their semester at home following the Thanksgiving break." Read more

For members of BLACK community, displacement anything but easy

Members of BLACK — Building Leaders and Creating Knowledge — had to leave Navajo-Pinal Residence Hall due to construction in Arizona Stadium. They faced miscommunications which led to paying for two dorms at once, parking passes that couldn't be switched to another garage, and false move-out dates. Eventually they met with UA President Robert Robbins and Dean of Students Kendal Washington White to sort the issue out.  Read more

Meeting reveals community displacment to administration

A meeting between black students and university administration led to the revelation that a whole community was displaced prior to the start of winter break. University of Arizona President Dr. Robert Robbins was unaware of the circumstances, finally learning of the situation during the meeting.   Read more