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UA COVID-19 Test Tracker

Daily (11/24)
1,344 22 1.6%
Total (8/2)
60,367 957 1.6%
Includes tests since August 2, 2021
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Updated November 24, 2021

UAccess glitch hits 200 students

Tuition has steadily increased over the years, but for several students the price tag swelled dramatically overnight. Approximately 200 in-state students were temporarily reclassified as non-residents this summer because of a synchronization error with the UAccess system. Read more

Med school opens remodeled lounge

The College of Medicine revealed the renovations to its student lounge yesterday at a grand opening event attended by students and members of the college administration. Read more

UA draws diverse, global class of freshmen

The UA has heavily emphasized diversity the past few years and this year’s freshman class reflects that. “It’s the most diverse we’ve ever had,” said Kasey Urquidez, assistant vice president for Student Affairs and dean of Admissions. This continues a recent trend stretching back the last five years. Read more

UA examines safety options

The UA tested a new mass notification system on campus last week as a possible resource to improve communication and preparedness should a critical incident occur. Read more

Student leaders set agendas for semester

ASUA and GPSC, the UA’s student governmental bodies, have a variety of goals for the year, including finding new ways to fundraise for student services and events as well as battling potential tuition and fee increases. Read more