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Campus reentry update: Administration will 'allow' students to finish out semester at home after Thanksgiving break

The University of Arizona announced students would be able to complete the fall semester from home after Thanksgiving break. The update comes from the UA's coronavirus page, which states, "After much discussion, deliberation, and review of peer University plans, we have made the decision to allow our students to continue their semester at home following the Thanksgiving break." Read more

Advertising pays: A Wildcat love story

On Oct. 3, 1975, Robert Skarda, a silversmith and self-proclaimed ‘mountain man,’ placed an advertisement in The Daily Wildcat, a campus newspaper at the University of Arizona, that would lead him to meet his future wife of 40 years. Read more

The Honors Village will open fall 2019

The University of Arizona’s Honors College has a new home starting Fall 2019: The Honors Village. With a housing capacity of over 1,000 students, the Honors Village will “elevate every aspect of … life,” according to the Honors College website.  Read more

Adjusting to college life as an out-of-state student

College is a place where people can get a fresh start. Some people opt to move away from home and relocate far away from the life they have always known. For some freshman here on campus, the University of Arizona’s Family Weekend is the first time they will be reunited with their loved ones since move-in.  Read more

Awards and family: SALT Center events for Family Weekend

The Strategic Alternative Learning Techniques Center will hold its 26th annual Family Weekend Celebration and Awards Ceremony and the first Freshman Parent Breakfast on Friday, Oct. 5. According to Miller, Family Weekend is important to SALT Center because it is a good opportunity to involve and reunite families, especially because families play an important role in the community. Read more