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New additions await fans after Arizona Stadium remodel

This summer, Arizona Stadium was the subject of a $25 million facelift, targeting the stadium’s east concourse and seating areas. Where there once sat open space between the pillars, which hold the giant stands full of fans, now rest a row of concessions stands and refurbished bathrooms.    Read more

Who's the best teacher at the UA? has answers is a popular site for information on the University of Arizona and its professors, with information from both UA students and UA faculty. The site's main goal is to help students learn more about a specific course and its instructor before they opt to enroll in the course. According to these ratings, here are the best — and worst — teachers at the UA: Read more

Free speech experts discuss open expression on campus

The University of Arizona and the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences hosted “The Haury Conversation on Campus Free Speech” Wednesday, discussing important issues regarding open expression that are especially salient on universities throughout the country today.  Read more