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UA COVID-19 Test Tracker

Daily (11/24)
1,344 22 1.6%
Total (8/2)
60,367 957 1.6%
Includes tests since August 2, 2021
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Updated November 24, 2021

Fall semester 2018: Important Dates

Sure, it's summer now. But before you know it, temperatures will cool down (OK, maybe not cool down, but still) and the days will get shorter. In anticipation, here is a calendar of big events happening in and around campus come August.  Read more

From community college to UA: Lessons in transferring

Not every new student at the University of Arizona will be fresh out of high school. Some students take a gap year. Others return from the job market to obtain professional degrees. But the most significant addition are transfer students from one of the state's 20 public community colleges.  Read more

Campus Services: From A to Z

With all the services and clubs the University of Arizona has to offer, it can be easy to get lost in acronyms. Here's an A-to-Z guide of a few clubs and resources students can take advantage of.  Read more