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COLUMN: Nightmare on 1 National Championship Drive in full effect

You’d have to go back to the year when the original "Nightmare on Elm Street" film was released to find the last time when Arizona men’s basketball lost five games in a row. That’s 35 years ago. After getting slashed by a different version of Freddy Krueger – the Washington State Cougars in this case – the Wildcats are in their own version of Nightmare on 1 National Championship Drive. Granted, it’s not quite as catchy, but we’re in the midst of Arizona’s horror story nonetheless. Read more

UA COVID-19 Test Tracker

Daily (9/17)
1,335 23 1.7%
Total (8/2)
22,564 434 1.9%
Includes tests since August 2, 2021
Data from
Updated September 18, 2021

Food insecurity still an issue

Food insecurity is the “state of being without reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food,” according to the Oxford Dictionary. It is a widespread problem on college campuses across the nation. Despite an expanded variety of options to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables, the problem of food insecurity has hardly been addressed. Read more

Campus Guide '17: Freshmen do's and don'ts

It's your freshman year. You've been waiting for this brand new chapter of your life for weeks, months or maybe even years. Now that it’s finally here, know that there are some things you definitely should and shouldn’t do during your first year of college. Read more

Campus Guide'17: Navigating healthy food on campus

The Student Union is healthier than you'd expect after just a first glance. Hidden behind the glowing and popular Chick-Fil-A and soon to come Steak 'n Shake are much healthier options if you opt for a lower calorie meal. Try out these on campus options.  Read more

Column: Keeping your location private a snap with Snap Map

Snapchat’s latest update, Snap Map, introduced snappers to a new feature: a map that allows users to see the exact location of their friends and family. This addition immediately received backlash from the public regarding its safety and purpose. Despite the worries surrounding Snap Map, I’m here to tell you it’s not as scary as people are making it sound. Read more