COLUMN: Nightmare on 1 National Championship Drive in full effect

You’d have to go back to the year when the original "Nightmare on Elm Street" film was released to find the last time when Arizona men’s basketball lost five games in a row. That’s 35 years ago. After getting slashed by a different version of Freddy Krueger – the Washington State Cougars in this case – the Wildcats are in their own version of Nightmare on 1 National Championship Drive. Granted, it’s not quite as catchy, but we’re in the midst of Arizona’s horror story nonetheless. Read more

Column: Five millennial myths that need to go

The millennial generation isn’t all about spoiled and privileged young people. It’s the generation that is currently in the work force and in college. It’s the generation that everyone misjudges and degrades. “Oh, you’re just a millennial,” or “these millennials nowadays,” have become common insults to my generation. We aren’t as bad as older generations put us out to be. Read more

Column: Don't let straight A pressure discourage you

As college students, we all feel the weight of grades, as the pressure to get A's each semester can cause significant stress. While getting the occasional B or C does have an effect on your GPA, it’s not the end of the world. It doesn’t mean that you’re not intelligent or capable. It doesn’t define who you are as a person. Read more

Column: The 'major' struggle with finding your dream path

Your major is a crucial consideration when applying to college. Although you may apply as undeclared, eventually you have to select something from the list of hundreds of different majors, ranging from art history to physiology. Some students seem to have been born knowing what they want to do in life, while others struggle to determine which path they’d like to follow. Read more

Column: Loss can't be bound to classic stages of grief

We are programmed to believe that our grief must be packaged into the widely-accepted seven stages of grief: denial, pain and guilt, anger and bargaining, depression, the upward turn, reconstruction and acceptance and hope. I’m here to tell you that grief isn’t some standard procedure you must follow. Read more

Column: Summer offers students freedom

There are many ways students choose to spend their summers. This time could be spent lounging around and binge watching Netflix all day, or catching up on as much sleep as possible. Summer is every student’s time to detoxify from the stress of the prior semester; the time of year we all look forward to. Have fun and enjoy yourself, but please, be careful and don’t do anything reckless. Read more

To my fellow introverts, don’t fear small talk

Welcome to the university! I hope you are as excited as I was coming in. Throughout high school, I had a picturesque vision of what college would be like—the wonderful friends I’d be laughing with, the interesting classes that I’d love and the adventures I would go on. Of course, that warm, fuzzy feeling would underlie all of the above. Read more

Aztec to Wildcat transfer tips

Transferring to the UA is an exciting time. You’ve completed your AGEC credits at another college, and now you’re ready to focus on your major’s requirements. You also probably have mixed feelings and worries about the transition from community college to the UA. Read more

Taste test the Wildcat experience during orientation

Orientation—that sounds like a scary word. Not only are you thrown on campus with hundreds of other students; you are also expected to start memorizing the campus as you tour it for the first time. But orientation is not a stressful process at all once you look back at it. The main idea behind orientation is to help students get acclimated to how the next four years of their lives are going to play out. Read more

Column: Graduates, this is just the beginning of the rest of your life

Graduation is an exciting and daunting time for all seniors. Some of you may know what you are doing after you get that piece of paper, while others of you need more time to figure it out. Whether its graduate school, a job or maybe a planned gap year that holds unplanned experiences, the possibilities are endless. Read more