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Confronting Scarcity

A collection of reporting, commentary, maps, audio and video aimed at destigmatizing and amplifying the conversation around food and basic needs insecurity. Produced by a student collective, with students and the university community in mind.

Stories of Resource Insecurity: How Dillon Hlohinec reconciles his past by helping others plan for their futures

05/17/2021 9:32am

This set of audio stories looks at the different lenses of resource insecurity. Through looking at resource centers, talking with community members, students and experts we have found many solutions, conversations and topics to look at when understanding how resource insecurity looks in the University of Arizona community.  In this episode, we sit down with Dillon Hlohinec, a University of Arizona sophomore, to talk about his struggles with food and even housing insecurity. Dillon’s past has motivated him to become a mentor for his fellow students and an advocate for resource accessibility across campus.