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Election 2022: Arizona governor still too early to call

11/09/2022 10:23am

Over 12 hours after ballot counting began, the winner of Arizona's 2022 race for governor is still too early to call. A popularity in mail-in voting contributed to the results taking longer than one night to count. At the closest voting station to the University of Arizona campus, some students discussed what was most important to them this midterm.

2021-22: A world news year in review

05/03/2022 1:56pm

The 2021-22 academic school year bore witness to a vast array of different news stories that affected student lives on and off campus, from constantly changing conversations and policies surrounding COVID-19 to heated political discourse centered around social and economic issues.

The Arizona Athletic's super seniors

04/25/2022 4:43pm

Back in 2020, the NCAA decided to give all fall and spring athletes a mulligan year due to the pandemic disrupting the sports seasons. In many instances, including at the University of Arizona, it has led to larger, oversized rosters across the country as so-called super seniors return for a fifth year of eligibility.