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2021-22: A world news year in review

05/03/2022 1:56pm

The 2021-22 academic school year bore witness to a vast array of different news stories that affected student lives on and off campus, from constantly changing conversations and policies surrounding COVID-19 to heated political discourse centered around social and economic issues.

The Arizona Athletic's super seniors

04/25/2022 4:43pm

Back in 2020, the NCAA decided to give all fall and spring athletes a mulligan year due to the pandemic disrupting the sports seasons. In many instances, including at the University of Arizona, it has led to larger, oversized rosters across the country as so-called super seniors return for a fifth year of eligibility. 

OPINION: After two years, COVID-19-conscious students deserve to have some fun without pandemic guilt

04/08/2022 7:00pm

Being at a college with such an intense party culture, I’m sure we have all heard these phrases in the past couple of months: “In the middle of a pandemic, really?” or “Stay home!” After two years—and given the fact that Covid really does seem to be in retreat, according to public health authorities like the CDC—these guilt trips are unfair to the students who have done their part and gotten vaccinated.

Spring Fling canceled: ASUA confirms

02/28/2022 5:08pm

The Associated Students of the University of Arizona announced online the cancellation of their annual carnival Wednesday morning. When the Daily Wildcat asked why the event was canceled, ASUA representatives refused to comment.