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OPINION: Vaccinations and masks are more than just political, they are common decency

We can’t say that the state of the American political scene wasn’t messed up before, but now with the lasting pandemic it might just be worse than ever. The U.S. today is an increasingly polarized nation in regards to all things political, that much was evident in the last few elections, but the COVID-19 outbreak has only caused things to escalate to a point of absurdity.  Read more

Will the Sun Link streetcar stay free through the new year?

01/05/2022 2:58pm

The Sun Link Streetcar that runs along 2nd St., University Blvd. and Fourth Ave. is one of the main modes of transportation for many University of Arizona students. Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic Sun Tran has made all of its services free, providing thousands of students transportation in the area; however, that may all change come the new year. 

OPINION: Why is attendance still mandatory in 2021?

01/05/2022 2:58pm

As August has most definitely slipped away into a moment in time, school is officially back in session. Per syllabus disclaimers and curious students inquiring from the back of class, attendance policies have become the forefront of discussions held during initial class meetings. 

Arizona educators seek injunction on the ban of mask mandates

01/05/2022 2:58pm

Mask and vaccination mandates in Arizona will be prohibited on Sept. 29, according to budget reconciliation bills passed in late June, but a preliminary injunction filed by Arizona educators aims to reverse that. The preliminary injunction seeks to overturn sections of House Bill 2898, Senate Bill 1824, SB 1825 and SB 1819 as unconstitutional.

Students earn $1K by participating in this COVID-19 study

09/12/2021 11:46pm

A new study is working to understand what the impact of SARS-CoV-2 infection and transmission is among students with the Moderna vaccine. Dr. Elizabeth Connick and Dr. Lori Fantry from the University of Arizona Department of Medicine are the researchers conducting the study.

All of your Campus Pantry questions, answered: Campus Pantry and COVID-19

09/03/2021 4:24pm

The Daily Wildcat sat down with Bridgette Nobbe, coordinator of Campus Pantry and Campus Closet, to learn more about Campus Pantry and the vital role it plays in combating food insecurity on campus. This article is the third in a series of three profiling the University of Arizona’s Campus Pantry. It answers questions about how the pantry has fared during the COVID-19 pandemic, what has changed and more.

The critical ramifications of Arizona’s nursing shortage

09/01/2021 4:34pm

Since the COVID-19 pandemic turned the world upside down in March 2020, the efforts of medical workers worldwide have had to tremendously increase in order to keep up with the growing number of patients affected by the virus. With this dramatic increase in patients, hospitals have struggled to maintain an adequate amount of both equipment and personnel to assist those in critical care.

UA task force talks new masking requirements and fall mitigation plan

08/18/2021 12:00pm

At the reentry task force meeting on Monday, University of Arizona President Dr. Robert C. Robbins began by welcoming students back to campus and updating that the campus will be completely equipped for in-person learning. He also emphasized the university’s recently-updated mask policy, which requires face-coverings in indoor spaces where social distancing cannot be maintained such as classrooms, laboratories and lecture halls. 

UA reentry task force rejoins to discuss rising COVID-19 Delta variant spread, start of fall semester

08/10/2021 5:38pm

The University of Arizona’s COVID-19 reentry task force met virtually on Monday, Aug. 9, for their first meeting leading into the 2021-22 school year. The group, consisting of university President Dr. Robert C. Robbins, Vice President of Communications Holly Jensen and 17th surgeon general and professor Dr. Richard Carmona, met to discuss both their concerns regarding the Delta variant of COVID-19 and their plans for the upcoming fall semester.