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A look back on Tucson’s historic Fourth Avenue

02/18/2021 5:18pm

Walking down Tucson’s historic Fourth Avenue University of Arizona students can find eclectic storefronts, colorful murals and everything from bookstores to restaurants. At its core, they will discover a unique district at the intersection of past and present, now facing an uncertain future. 

Tucson food trucks overcome challenges during the pandemic

02/20/2021 3:01pm

Last year marked a new beginning for up-and-coming business owners in the food industry. The pandemic has caused many food services to shut down along with all the grief and setbacks. A few new mobile food services like these three Tucson food truck businesses were finding ways to work in the food industry despite the difficulties. 

Vaccinations for people with intellectual and developmental disorders

02/12/2021 12:27pm

The pandemic hit people in the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities — referred to as I/DD — community with many challenges and left an already marginalized group even more vulnerable. Prioritization of vaccination in this group is crucial, but Arizona’s vaccination plan for this community has been variable based on where one lives.

OPINION: It's 2021. Let's talk about porn.

02/01/2021 12:18pm

OnlyFans is shaking up both social media and the traditional sex industry. The subscription-based site provides a source of unique content for fans and a revenue stream for its users that is often essential in weathering a COVID-19 era downturn in traditional business.