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Updated January 19, 2021

Litwin's Locks: NFL divisional round playoffs

This sentence hurts to type, but we only have seven more football games remaining to be played. I’ve got no idea what I’m going to do when I wake up on a Sunday morning without a football game to watch. There are plenty of games from the early 2000s to rewatch. Maybe I will do a little studying. Read more

Litwin's Locks: College Football Playoffs and NFL Week 17

This is a bittersweet Litwin’s Locks. On one hand, this is a great football weekend with a ton of bowl games and meaningful NFL games. On the other hand, the NFL regular season is over. We still have the NFL playoffs, but the days of all-day football are done until September.  Read more

Litwin's Locks: NFL Week 16

Winter Break may stop school, but it doesn’t stop the NFL. The season has reached its most critical moments with some teams fighting for playoff spots and others fighting to get to the top of the draft board. Well, except the Jets.  Read more

Roundtable: Who should be Arizona's next head coach?

It's been a little over a week since former head coach Kevin Sumlin was dismissed from Arizona. The head coaching search is now in full surge as several different candidates have been rumored to be linked to the Wildcats' head coaching vacancy. Read more

Why Arizona should, and shouldn’t, hire SJSU Brent Brennan

It has been a week since Kevin Sumlin was relieved of his head coaching duties with Arizona football which prompted the university's official search for his replacement. The football program is in a rough state right about now, near rock bottom, and the correct hire could be the much-needed culture reset needed to turn things around.  Read more

Litwin's Locks: Conference championship week

Welcome back to a very exciting week of Litwin’s Locks. I’m locking only six games this week but they are the most important six games of the college football season. After conference championship week, my focus will return to the NFL. Read more