Why Arizona should, and shouldn’t, hire SJSU Brent Brennan

It has been a week since Kevin Sumlin was relieved of his head coaching duties with Arizona football which prompted the university's official search for his replacement. The football program is in a rough state right about now, near rock bottom, and the correct hire could be the much-needed culture reset needed to turn things around.  Read more

Litwin's Locks: Conference championship week

Welcome back to a very exciting week of Litwin’s Locks. I’m locking only six games this week but they are the most important six games of the college football season. After conference championship week, my focus will return to the NFL. Read more

Key plays from the 2020 Territorial Cup

What an awful finish to the slated schedule for Arizona. The Wildcats lost 70-7 to their in-state rivals of Arizona State and, as you can imagine, things were over very quickly as Arizona State scored 14 points 56 seconds into the game.  Read more

Litwin's Locks: Pac-12 Week 6

Welcome back to another exciting edition of Litwin’s Locks. There will be a few small changes  this week. Since the Pac-12 is coming to a close, I will focus solely on Pac-12 this week. Read more