Mailbag: May 27

GUEST LETTER: The UA Strategic Plan lacks everything that would make it stand out

Before proceeding any further with the UA Strategic Plan, I would urge everyone involved to read Gaye Tuchman’s 2009 book "Wannabe U: Inside the Corporate University" (and for an added bonus, especially for its vicious dismantling of the empty, and yet still-with-us, term “excellence,” pick up Bill Readings’s marvelous 1996 "The University in Ruins").  Read more

Welcome from your student body president

Welcome Wildcats! My name is Natalynn Masters and I am your student body president. I want to take this time to welcome you to campus and let you know how excited we are to have you join the Wildcat family. College is an exciting journey that will provide you with some of your best memories.  Read more

Campus Guide'17: Don't fear trying new things

Dear Wildcats, As I reflect on my three years at the University of Arizona and begin preparing for my senior year, I’m reminiscing on the memories and experiences I’ve had.  These past few years have been the best of my life, and I can attribute all of that to getting involved early on campus. Read more

Letter to the Editor: The new Honors College complex continues to integrate honors students

I am writing in response to the column written by Toni Marcheva about the new Honors College complex planned for the north edge of campus. We certainly welcome any and all input as we move forward to re-envision our program. Rather than separating ourselves from the rest of campus, we will continue to leverage the world-class UA resources, and connect students with the best minds on campus to provide an exceptional educational experience. Read more

Column: Trump's the environment's best friend

Trump has almost waged a one-man war against the environment and the safety of the American people by trashing environmental protection laws and safety regulations for the American worker. By doing this Trump says he is “creating jobs,” yet all he is doing is increasing corporate profit by lowering production costs in certain industries. Read more