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Mailbag: May 27

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Trending: #PressOn

Supporting the press in such a turbulent time for the industry has a payoff of ensuring we’re getting the facts we need. Read more

Column: Take back terms of endearment

Language consumes our lives.  Think about it. Language is one of the very elements of humanity that we claim is unique to us, although many scientists argue that some animals use languages as well. Read more

Column: Trump promised American greatness but only the people can deliver

Though Donald Trump’s actions this week, including issuing many executive orders, criticizing media and promoting aggressive foreign policy, were unnerving, the most terrifying aspect of Donald Trump’s presidency was laid out on the day he announced his campaign at Trump Tower. Looking out at the crowd, he declared, “We need somebody that will literally take this country and make it great again.” Read more

Column: Mike Pence's LGBT dance party

Last week, LGBTQ activists danced in the neighborhood where Vice President Mike Pence was renting a house. Protesting and marching usually consists of angry activists wanting to make a change, but these activists were standing in unity having a great time as they danced to popular music. The "Queer Dance Party at Mike Pence's House" came days before President Donald Trump was expected to be sworn into office, along with Vice President Pence. Read more

Column: K-12 salary raises are a step in the right direction

President-elect Donald Trump has continuously criticized the work of journalists since beginning his run for presidency. He has tweeted condescending and unfiltered opinions about the work of journalism and other controversial topics such as immigration, the work of President Obama and many more. Read more

Letter to the Editor: GPSC makes progress towards its goals

Welcome back to school! As you may remember, right after I was sworn in as the President of the Graduate and Professional Student Council—GPSC—on September 27 2016, I wrote a letter sharing GPSC goals and our commitment to advocating on your behalf. I promised to provide updates on our progress. Although some of the goals I shared are still works in progress, we have had some successes in the last three months and I am excited to share some of those with you.  Read more