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Mailbag: May 27

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Daily (9/27)
1,051 36 3.4%
Total (8/4)
36,634 2,291 6.3%
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Updated September 27, 2020

Your views

We are writing to join the conversation ASUA Pride Alliance started about making this a teachable moment for our campus and community. Read more

Your views: A letter from ASUA Pride Alliance

It seems ironic that the homophobic cartoon by D. C. Parsons be printed this week. After all, just last week, we celebrated National Coming Out Day with a two page ad containing the names of over 600 LGBTQA-friendly members of our campus, and this Friday is Spirit Day to remember the people we have lost to suicide after anti-gay bullying. Read more

Your views

In response to “Playing party politics interferes with ASA reform” (by Dan Desrochers, Oct 4): Read more

Mailbag: July 22

In response to the article Online shopping tax discourages competition: Dear Editor, Not only does Tyler Johnson understand the issue with implementing a sales tax code for online retailers, but he also clearly realizes that the problem is Arizona’s retail stores are not coming up with strategies to be competitive. Read more

Mailbag: July 20

Dear Editor, A few months ago I took a group of teenagers to the state house in Charleston, WV. We had a tour of the Supreme Court. Read more

Mailbag: July 15

Dear Editor: I have been learning more and more about how many state, county, local and school administrators are actually being paid a salary that is tens of thousands of dollars more than The State’s Governor is paid. Read more

Mailbag: May 27

Yesterday I was watching a video of the first U.S. Marines landing on Guadalcanal and nearby islands during WW II. Read more

Mailbag: May 1

In response to the April 30 article titled “Recreational marijuana smoking unimportant, should remain illegal”: What a joke of an article you wrote about legalizing marijuana. Marijuana Prohibition is an outrage, and the biggest anti-libertarian law I have ever seen. Read more

Mailbag: April 26, 2012

A nuclear Iran poses many direct threats to the United States, and must be stopped. A nuclear Iran would very easily tip the balance of power between anti-U.S. Read more