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Updated May 5, 2021

Creative adaptation necessary in online classes

Taking classes during the pandemic has not been easy, but we have gotten through it.  For the year in review edition of the Daily Wildcat, the enterprise desk presents eight stories out of the many lived this year that show the variety of experiences people had in online and COVID-19 precautioned classes. In our print edition there are four out of eight stories — with the rest posted online — from a student and a professor each in four University of Arizona colleges/schools: the College of Nursing, the School of Dance and the School of Theatre, Film and Television from the College of Fine Arts and the James E. Rogers College of Law. Read more

2020: A year of activism for the UA community

The 2020-21 academic year has come with a lot of changes, including a lot of new programs and advocacy that started at the University of Arizona. Here's a look back at newly established groups, and what they've accomplished so far in their short time on campus. Read more

Reflecting on the news of the past year

It has been a crazy year with many events, changes and Zoom university. However, the news reporters at the Daily Wildcat have worked hard to keep you up to date with everything going on statewide, locally and at the University of Arizona. Let’s take a trip down memory lane. Read more

ABOR hears feedback on university tuition and program fee proposals

The Arizona Board of Regents held their 29th annual tuition hearing Tuesday, April 6. The meeting started off with the three presidents of the Arizona universities, Northern Arizona University, Arizona State University and University of Arizona discussing what they plan to ask the board to approve and/or consider for tuition.  Read more

Food waste rises during the pandemic

The subsequent increase in food takeout due to the pandemic has also led to an increase in single-use plastic items.This is particularly relevant when it comes to the increase in takeout food packaging as well as the use of non-reusable silverware, cups or plates even when dining in. Food waste itself, which can include the spoiling of food or food that is just thrown away, is already a problem in the U.S. According to the US Department of Agriculture, food waste accounts for 30-40 percent of the food supply.  Read more