UA BookStores co-brand with Operation Hat Trick to support veterans and wounded service members

Students have likely noticed the mannequins in the University of Arizona BookStores decked out in camouflage and an “OHT” logo. OHT stands for Operation Hat Trick, a nonprofit organization founded by Dot Sheehan in 2008. According to their website, Sheehan noticed that veterans returning from deployment wanted hats to cover their scars, burns and surgical incisions that resulted from their severe head trauma. OHT originally donated hats to service members and veterans, but the program has evolved. Now, it fundraises for the rehabilitation of military veterans and wounded service members. Read more

Supplements: Are they worth your buck?

A stroll through the health aisle at the local supermarket will have one's eyes glance upon a variety of different supplements marketed as if it were a necessity to live a healthy and fulfilling live. But how much do we really need these supplements and is it worth it the money we're paying for them? Read more

Pharmacy student selected for competitive program

Shana Shriber is rewriting the rules with her successful career as a pharmacist. Her perseverance, compassion and strength have been driving forces for her pharmaceutical pursuits. Shriber was selected to serve as a Commissioned Corps Junior officer through the Junior Commissioned Officer Extern Program with the U.S. Public Health Service, a highly competitive pharmaceutical program.  Read more

What in the world is going on?

While school may stop, the news never does. Over the University of Arizona’s winter break, there seemed to be a surplus of newsworthy events from all over the world, both good and bad. If you haven’t been keeping up, here’s a quick recap of some of the most notable things you may have missed during the break.  Read more

A fad across the nation: A plant-based diet

Imagine this — you’re at a party having a conversation with a stranger. Within a few minutes, the stranger starts to bring up their diet and how they haven’t eaten an animal product in the last 11 years. You start to wonder — what for? Does the absence of meat pose any problems for this stranger you met 12 minutes ago?  Read more

Local legend 'Quad Man' has lived a life of adventure

Eddie Rodieck wears an olive-green scarf that rests on his tan shoulders in a faded brown tank top. He plants his Timberland boots firmly on the runners, a warm breeze moving through the oversized rips in his blue jeans. The rev of his engine turns heads as Rodieck cruises past crowded shops and restaurants on a Friday evening. He is a regular on University Boulevard, so much so that he has earned the nickname the “Quad Man.”   Read more

BREAKING: Man reportedly uses racial slurs against UA student at library

A man allegedly verbally harassed and physically intimidated a University of Arizona student in the Main Library Thursday, according to an email sent out to students and staff by Dean of Students Kendal Washington White. The man used racial slurs against the student, who is black, during his tirade. He has since been arrested and charged with four misdemeanors.  Read more

Police Beat 12/4/2019: Shots for shots

These were not the sorts of shots students are known for taking on the basketball court. Two University of Arizona Police Department officers arrived at the Campus Recreation Center at around 8 p.m. on Nov. 14 after receiving reports of students drinking alcohol at the Rec Center’s basketball court. Read more