"Wilbur and Wilma lose their heads, reveal secret identities"

Brenton Silbert-Ford is quite a character.He has been an otter, a turtle, a penguin and, most recognizably, a Wildcat.For the past two years, Silbert-Ford, a marketing senior, and Camila Guzman, an environmental sciences junior, have portrayed Wilbur and Wilma Wildcat, the UA's married mascots. Read more

UA med students matched

A masked man, clad in a black costume with a yellow ""M"" emblazoned across his chest, leapt onto the stage of the DuVal Auditorium at the University Medical Center. Read more

Tuition hike approved

The Arizona Board of Regents passed tuition and fee increases for Arizona students Thursday morning. The increases range between 10 and 20 percent for undergraduate, graduate, resident and non-resident students. Read more

New study targets Wikipedia credibility

Wikipedia articles' quality may be able to be determined by looking at who contributes to them, according to instructor Sudha Ram and graduate student Jun Liu, who co-authored a paper looking at why some Wikipedia articles are of a higher quality. Read more

ASUA presents tuition recommendations

Associated Students of the University of Arizona President Chris Nagata informed students and ASUA senators about the new proposed parameters of the student tuition proposal at yesterday's meeting. Read more